Mantle and VeChain bullish; investors accumulating Pullix

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Mantle (MNT) and VeChain (VET) prices are volatile. Mantle is heavily fluctuating. On the other hand, VeChain is trending upward. Meanwhile, investors are increasingly exploring Pullix (PLX), whose presale is ongoing.

Mantle fluctuates

Mantle has been trending higher in recent months, reaching an all-time high due to high trading volume and positive market sentiment. 

Analysts are optimistic about its performance and transaction volume. 

Although there was a price drop last month, it’s recovering and may reach a new all-time high in 2024 if it maintains current levels. 

VeChain upgrades

VeChain, a public blockchain, recently launched VeChain Grants 2.0, offering up to $100,000 in funding for blockchain development. 

With a price increase of 14.65% in the past seven days, VeChain is positioning itself as a promising player in blockchain innovation. 

The revamped Grants 2.0 program includes marketing and micro-grants, demonstrating a commitment to diverse developer needs and sustainable growth. 

Investors explore Pullix 

Pullix combines traditional and decentralized finance, which makes it unique. 

In the ongoing presale, the project has raised over $4.7 million. At the current stage, each PLX is available for $0.010.

Pullix has been listed on CoinGecko. 

The project is non-custodial, meaning users have complete control over their private keys. At the same time, it offers margin trading with leverage options up to 1000:1, without taxes on buys or sells.

The exchange also has a defi swap feature, a streamlined and cost-effective way to trade digital assets. 

It’s easy to use, affordable, fast, and lets users exchange tokens directly without any middlemen involved. 

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