March Meowness Mashes Massachusetts

This is just purr-fect!

The Worcester Public Library in Worcester, Massachusetts, announced that they are fur-giving people who lost damaged books or other checked out material and reinstating their library cards. But there is a catch. The person seeking fur-giveness needs to bring in a pciture of a cat. Or a dog. Or just about any animal. It doesn’t even have to be their pet. It could be any old picture. Heck, the library even gave a seven year old boy a piece of paper and some crayons to draw a cat.

And it’s already a huge success:

In just a few days, the program has already generated hundreds of returns, multiple postings of random cat photographs on the library’s Facebook page, and photographs and drawings pinned on a growing “cat wall” in the main building.

The local NPR affiliate, WBUR, described it as a “never be-fur tried initiative,” and urged patrons to hurry and “act meow.” So far the response, WBUR said, has Jason Homer, the executive director of the library, “feline good.”

Mr. Homer said in an interview on Monday that about 400 people have had their library accounts unblocked and borrowing privileges restored after bringing in their pictures or drawings of cats. Any cat will do, or even, for that matter, any creature will do.

Wouldn’t it be great if this idea spread across the country?

March Meowness! Catch the fever!

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