Marge Is Featured In A Rap Video. We're Sorry About This!

On Sunday, controversial Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene was featured in a new MAGA rap video for Donald Trump-bootlicker Forgiato Blow, known as the Mayor of Magaville. It’s worth noting that Blow is everything Trump supporters feign to hate, except this guy practically performs fellatio for their hero, Donald Trump. After hearing the lyrics of some of Blow’s songs, you would think that the Q-Anon crowd would get the torches and pitchforks and take to the streets.

Marge tweeted about it:

“Democrats are a party of pedophiles,” the ‘song’ begins, and includes some of Marge’s unhinged rants. “They support grooming children.”

The fact is that this untalented ‘musician’ sings some wild tunes, as PatriotTakes tells us.

He’s Ted Nugent with facial tattoos.


It gets better:

He’s mimicking Black people’s music, but sure, you be you, boo.

He’s just a grifter:

“A Southern belle, a little hood,” the version of Eminem sang. “Watch her shake and bake. Divorce?”

What is the “divorce” thing about? She’s already found a boyfriend after the quick divorce this year. If we’re the deviants, why is the Q-Anon Klan mom in a video with a bum that raps about sex trafficking women?

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