Marge To Hold Impeachment Inquiry When She Finds Out What That Is

It’s one thing to kick yourself for voting for someone who’s an idiot, but the people who voted in MAGA Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene need to sit in the corner and think about the bad thing they’ve done — for eternity. There is stupidity, and then there’s painful stupidity.

Only one day after Joe Biden was sworn in, human trash can Marjorie Taylor Greene filed articles of impeachment against our newly minted President. Since then, she hasn’t learned anything new. She explained an impeachment inquiry on Real America’s Voice, but she doesn’t know what one is.

Miranda Khan asked Marge what the holdup was since she introduced articles of impeachment on Biden’s first day in office.

“Because I feel like, you know, and we said this last time you were on the show, how much more evidence do we need to make this happen?” Hahn asked Rep. Sporkfoot.

“I can’t comprehend that we need any more evidence,” she said, even though the Chaos Crew had produced zero pieces of evidence. “We have so much. Let’s talk about what an impeachment inquiry is, Marina. Thank you for bringing that up.”

“An impeachment inquiry is just asking the question, we’re just asking members of Congress, do you think we should inquire about impeachment?” she claimed. It’s not saying, do you want to impeach? It’s that, should we just ask the question?” Whatever an impeachment inquiry is, it is not that. But Republicans love to “just ask the question.”

“And at this point right now, I’m like, what the hell is wrong with Republicans that we can’t just, hey guys, maybe ask the question?” she continued. “Maybe we should just ask and think about it and look at it and investigate in a much broader way and with more subpoena power. Just ask the question.”

So I mean, I’m at home at my house in Rome,” she continued. “I’ve been at home hanging out with all of the great, wonderful, normal people that actually have a brain and have common sense and are asking me every day, Marjorie, when is Congress going to move on with this impeachment inquiry? And I can’t comprehend we haven’t done it yet.”

Now, if any of us were David Brody, we’d respond by asking her what the fuck she’s talking about. He did not do that.

“Congresswoman, we’re running short on time, but just real quick, that leaves the decision to Kevin McCarthy ultimately,” he said while pretending he wasn’t interviewing a crazy lady. “Are you confident he’s going to go with the impeachment inquiry this fall in September?”

“I am confident,” Greene said. “And the reason why I’m confident is we had a House GOP call yesterday, and that was his big push on the call. So I think if we were to have the vote today right now, Kevin McCarthy would be one of the first ones to vote yes.”

“So it’s not our speaker. It’s still some of these few remaining Republicans that maybe won a Biden district or they, for whatever reason, I don’t know, but I think that our conference is coming together, and we should be voting on this in September,” she added. “If we don’t, if we don’t, I’m, you’re going to see, you’re going to see, you’re going to see the Marjorie Taylor Greene you’ve always known. Because I will not be able to take it.”

Oh, scary! She could have always Googled it. It is not a bunch of MAGA morons hanging out at the usual table in the cafeteria, shooting the shit and talking about how much they hate Biden and love their Trumpy Bear. It’s not a casual meeting with pals while playing darts and whatnot, and then suddenly, BOOM! You’re having yourself an impeachment inquiry!

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