Maria Bartiromo: Democrats With Facial Tattoos Are Probably 'Illegals'

Fox News host Maria Bartiromo suggested that Democrats with facial tattoos could be undocumented immigrants.

During a Sunday interview with Lara Trump, Bartiromo noted that Attorney General Merrick Garland intended to oppose voter IDs.

“He said he’s going to vow to stop states that have voter IDs,” Bartiromo observed. “And you have to question whether or not this is about the 10 million illegals who have come into this country on Joe Biden’s watch.”

The Fox News host then told a story about a friend allegedly approached by two Democratic Party operatives.

“I had a friend the other day tell me she was standing at a food truck,” Bartiromo recalled. “Two gentlemen approached her. One had tattoos all over his face. They looked like illegals, she said.”

“And one had a clipboard. And he said to her, hello, miss, do you want to sign up to become a Democrat and vote?” she continued. “So you’re talking about people that you want to hire. They’re already doing that. And they may be doing it with illegals coming into this country.”

Trump agreed.

“And I think you’re right. People say, why do we have a fully open southern border?” she opined. “And I think the only thing people can figure is that the Democrats are bleeding and hemorrhaging voters.”

“They understand that they cannot fool people in this country any longer,” Trump added. “So they have to import people.”

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