Marjorie Traitor Greene Admits She Works For The Russians

Greene has long been spreading Russian propaganda, even before the war in Ukraine began. Now, however, she’s openly spreading Russian disinformation. The other day she posted this on the platform formerly known as Twitter:

And who are Well, the country code is unusual, for starters. It stands for Soviet Union, a country that hasn’t existed for over thirty years. The Wikipedia links and the Treasury Department links will tell you that they’re “a Russian state propaganda outlet sanctioned for spreading disinformation and interfering in US elections.” Well, that doesn’t sound good. So why the U.S. Treasury Department link? Because they’re sanctioned and have been for years, even before the war began. They’re bad news.

The Strategic Culture Foundation (SCF) is an online journal registered in Russia that is directed by the SVR and closely affiliated with the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. SCF is controlled by the SVR’s Directorate MS (Active Measures) and created false and unsubstantiated narratives concerning U.S. officials involved in the 2020 U.S. presidential election. It publishes conspiracy theorists, giving them a broader platform to spread disinformation, while trying to obscure the Russian origins of the journal so that readers may be more likely to trust the sourcing.

Another good reason not to click on anything with a .su domain space is that it’s a haven for cybercriminals, identity thieves, and others. Click on the link that Greene provides and Google might come up with a bright red screen warning you to leave.

So what else has this Russian asset posted this week?

Russia loved that one, printing a story in Pravda that looked like this:

Как напомнила Грин, безопасность границ должна быть США превыше всего. Поэтому, вместо финансирования Киева, США необходимо сконцентрироваться на своих внутренних проблемах.

“Безопасность границ США не должна быть совмещена с финансированием проигранного конфликта на Украине. Украина — это не пятьдесят первый штат США”, — написала Грин в своём аккаунте в соцсети X (ранее — Twitter*).

В заключение член американского конгресса сравнила любое предлагаемое Вашингтону предложение, которое совмещает в себе вопрос безопасности границ США и многомиллионное финансирование Украины с “пощёчиной американцам”.

*В Росси доступ к ресурсу Twitter ограничен на основании требования Генпрокуратуры от 24 февраля 2022 года.

Google helpfully translates that to:

US Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene criticized Washington for funding the Armed Forces of Ukraine. In her opinion, the United States should now stop providing financial assistance to Ukraine.

As Greene reminded us, US border security must come first. Therefore, instead of financing Kyiv, the United States needs to concentrate on its internal problems.

“US border security should not be combined with funding a lost conflict in Ukraine. Ukraine is not the fifty-first state of the United States,” Greene wrote on her account on the social network X (formerly Twitter*).

In conclusion, the member of the American Congress compared any proposal proposed to Washington, which combines the issue of US border security and multimillion-dollar funding for Ukraine, with a “slap in the face to the Americans.”

*In Russia, access to the Twitter resource is limited based on the requirement of the Prosecutor General’s Office dated February 24, 2022.

Even with Elon Musk’s help, the Russians are still wary of giving their people too much access to Twitter.

One wonders just how much Greene is squirrelling away in some Cayman Islands bank account from her work on behalf of the Russian government. Wonder if its in dollars or rubles?

Jason Jay Smart asks the question, WHY DOES MARJORIE HATE AMERICA?

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