Marsha Blackburn Seems Terribly Confused. We Hope She's OK!

Tennessee U.S. Senator Marsha Blackburn always seems to be wrong, so why stop now? Gov. Gavin Newsom recently called Blackburn out over her glaring hypocrisy. In late January, she tweeted, “Under Biden’s lawless border policy, fentanyl seizures increased by 241% between the months of October and December.” But that’s a good thing. She’s done that since then, by the way. She’s a terribly confused person.

This time, Blackburn showed off her paranoia on Fox News, telling host Harris Faulkner that she thinks the Biden administration is coming after any “convenience item that makes life easier at home.

“In your washing machine, in your dishwasher, and your fireplace, your light bulbs, anything that they can go after that is a convenience item that makes life easier at home, they’re trying to change the standards on this in order to have people buy more efficient appliances,” she said.

“And Harris, people don’t want this,” she added as if people don’t want to buy more efficient appliances just like people want more fentanyl seizures, not less, Marsha. Holy cow. Do Republicans go out and intentionally purchase appliances that are less efficient?

So, we’re not coming for their guns anymore? It’s the appliances! I knew it all along.

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