Matt Gaetz And Maria Bartiromo Clash Over Government Funding

Rep. Matt Gaetz clashed with Fox News host Maria Bartiromo after she accused him of being a “disrupter” who jeopardized Republican wins in Congress.

“Today, dysfunction and stupidity,” Bartiromo announced. A government shutdown is looming one week from today as a group of conservative lawmakers blow up Republican chances to fund the government.

“Republican disruptors are trying to stop funding the government, take down the Speaker of the House, and destroy the victories that Republicans have had in reversing this bad policy,” she noted.

Gaetz immediately fired back as his interview began.

“I’m glad I get to respond to your monologue because if you’re saying that I’m standing in the way of all the Republican wins, I’d love you to enumerate them,” he challenged.

“So, to push now to blow up all of the wins that you all have had now,” Bartiromo pressed.

Which wins?” Gaetz interrupted. “Please enumerate them.”

Bartiromo pointed to several investigations being conducted by the House, including an impeachment inquiry of President Joe Biden.

“That’s the process!” Gaetz objected.

“Hold on!” Bartiromo said. “How about the fact that he has set up the China Select Committee to keep China to account? And, of course, he has launched this inquiry into impeachment, potentially, for President Biden. Is that not what you want?”

“None of those things are deliverables,” Gaetz pouted. “Those are steps in a process.”

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