Matt Gaetz Investigation Is Heating Up In Ethics Committee

The Gaetz investigation was paused while the Department of Justice conducted its own investigation. But in July, after the DOJ decided not to charge Gaetz, the Republican-led House Ethics Committee re-opened its investigation.

But since concluding its probe of Rep. George Santos (and after Gaetz angered his colleagues by leading the removal of Rep. Kevin McCarthy from his speakership), ABC News says the committee has “refocused its efforts” on Gaetz.

More from ABC News:

In recent days, the Republican-led House Ethics Committee has reached out to multiple new witnesses, expanding its contact with individuals who have ties to the initial Justice Department investigation into Gaetz, said sources, who told ABC News that committee investigators have begun conducting interviews.

Sources say in recent days, in addition to focusing on possible lobbying violations by Gaetz, the Ethics Committee has reached out to witnesses who were questioned as part of the Justice Department’s sex trafficking investigation into the Florida congressman.

Gaetz said in a statement to ABC News, “I’ve never been found to have violated any ethical laws. I won’t be found to have violated them in this matter either.”

That’s not a claim of complete innocence.

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