Meet The Intern The GOP Duped Into Being Fake Elector Mule

By sorting throught the lies and half truths told by Wisconsin Republicans and Trump’s attorneys, a clearer picture has come out regarding the fake elector scheme in Wisconsin. And thanks to Anderson Cooper of CBS’ 60 Minutes, a few more details have come clear.

We already knew some of the basics from Trump attorney and co-defendent Kenneth Chesebro, Right around the holidays, Chesebro was singing like a stool pigeon. He described how the Trump people were in a panic because they didn’t have the slate of fake electors yet and were discussing as going as far as chartering a private jet to fly the slate of fake electors to Washington before the certification of the vote. Chesebro also implicated Senator Ron Johnson and his office in the whole sordid affair for their role of being the channel to then Vice-President Mike Pence.

At the same time that Cooper was interviewing fake elector, former GOP chair and compulsive liar Andrew Hitt, Cooper also took a moment to go on a tangent to tell us about the actual person who ended up transporting the slate of fake electors.

It turns out that the Wisconsin GOP had duped a young intern named Alesha Gunther to be the unwitting mule to transport the list to Washington DC. She shared how she picked up the document at the state GOP’s main office and hopped on a plane to Washington. She was told that she should give the documents to Chesebro and only to Chesebro. Chesebro even went so far as to send a selfie to Gunther so she would know whom to look for. Cooper went on to show Chesebro carrying the slate of fake electors to the Capitol building in very close proximity to another right wing sleazeball, Alex Jones until he delivered the documents to RoJo’s office.

This new information makes the whole thing look more like some GOP dunderhead lost the paperwork rather than it got stuck in the mail, making the whole thing resemble more of a slapstick comedy than a serious coup attempt. But a question that I have is why didn’t they just ship it overnight rather than send it via a courier.

However, it should be noted that there are several photos showing Chesebro in the very same room as the fake electors when they committed their fraudulent deed, unbelievably taking photos of the crime as it happened. So why didn’t Chesebro just put the slate in his briefcase and take it back to Washington himself? Then he would have known where the papers were at all times and he would have had them ready. Something is just adding up yet.

Sometimes, one just has to wonder who ties their shoe laces in the morning for them.

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