Mike Johnson Won't Bring Senate Border Bill Up For A Vote

Some people just can’t take yes for an answer, as we see with the bipartisan border bill just released by the Senate. Morning Joe pulls it apart:

“Despite the bill being crafted by a bipartisan group of senators, it is already facing major pushback from both sides of the aisle. Two Senate Democrats, California Senator Alex Padilla and New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez say they are against the bill. The House Republican leadership say they won’t bring the bill up for a vote, with speaker Mike Johnson saying it is even worse than expected,” Mika Brzezinski said.

“That’s just a lie. I’d love to know what Bible he is looking at when he says he lives by the Bible. Because it’s bizarre that this guy is worshipping at the feet of Donald Trump, basically does whatever Donald Trump tells him to do, and was, of course, the chief sponsor of the Big Lie in the House of Representatives. Just ask Liz Cheney,” Joe Scarborough said.

“As speaker Johnson calls this even worse than expected, the lead Republican senator who negotiated the bill, James Langford of Oklahoma, responded to those comments.”

LANGFORD: I’m a little confused how it’s worse than expected when it builds border wall, expands deportation flights, expands ICE officers, border patrol officers, detention beds, how it creates a faster process for deportation, how it clears up a lot of the long term issues and loopholes that have existed in the asylum law, and it gives us emergency authority that stops the chaos right now on the border. So I’m a little confused. I’ll have to be able to get with the speaker’s team on that and find out what part would be quote, unquote, worse than what we expected, based on the actual text. Hopefully they’ve had an opportunity to actually read through the text.

Calling it a Republican wish list, Scarborough said, “We have a situation where they want to keep the border open because it’s bad for America, and they believe what’s bad for America is good for Donald Trump.”

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