Mike Lindell Panics Over 'Long Shot' Supreme Court Case

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell begged for donations Monday after he admitted the evidence he presented for Kari Lake’s election case did not “shock the world” as he had promised.

Lindell blamed the media after experts said his voting machine evidence was nothing new. Lake has asked the Supreme Court to rule that voting machines cannot be used in future elections after she lost her bid for governor in Arizona. Lindell and Lake have said voting machine companies caused her to lose.

“It’s an emergency injunction to expedite this case,” Lindell explained to conservative podcast host Steve Bannon. “What’s gonna come out now will be all the declarations and all the evidence to back up the case. So this is the second part of it. This was very much planned by our lawyers.”

“Because the media right now is out there,” he continued. “It hasn’t really reached the masses of the media, but the ones that are out there are trying to discredit [it]. ‘Well, there’s nothing behind this.’ It’s coming, all the declarations.”

Lindell pleaded for donations to his legal “offense” fund.

“We need your help!” he said. “All this, any funds coming in, the offense fund, I’m always on the offense.”

“We need the Supreme Court case advertised,” Lindell insisted. “We need to get it out there. I’m gonna take funds. 100% of the money coming in is gonna go to help save our country. This, we really need your help now, War Room Posse. We’ve come this far.”

Bannon noted that Lake’s case was a “long shot.”

“Steve, it is a long shot, but here’s the thing,” Lindell replied. “We need to get the word out because the stuff that’s gonna drop, the decryption, the decryption keys that are inside the machines for the whole world to see.”

Lindell revealed that he planned to use the Supreme Court case to defend himself against a defamation lawsuit brought by Dominion Voting Systems.

“But Steve, all this evidence, this new evidence is gonna be used far and wide,” he opined. “There’s cases out there, as you know, Mike Lindell and MyPillow getting sued for billions of dollars.”

“I’m gonna be taking all this and going, hey, we were right all along.”

But in remarks to The Arizona Republic, Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer said he was not impressed by Lindell’s evidence.

“Same old crazy,” Richer said. “Zero percent chance the United States Supreme Court decides to spend its very limited time on something so crazy that it got sanctioned to the tune of $100,000-plus at the trial court level.”

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