Mitch Assures Us Senate GOP Won't Allow A Government Shutdown

Moscow Mitch assures us that the GOPers in the Senate aren’t going to let the House whack jobs shut down the government. Brave, brave Sir Mitch! Now we can all relax! Via the Hill:

Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (Ky.) vowed to reporters Monday that Senate Republicans would not let the government shut down, later warning colleagues on the floor that a government shutdown would be a political loser for fellow lawmakers. “We’re not going to allow the government to shut down,” McConnell told reporters Monday as he walked to the Senate chamber to deliver his opening comments for the week.

The veteran GOP leader doubled down on his message on the Senate floor, urging colleagues to avoid a standoff that could wind up shuttering federal departments and agencies.

“Without action by Friday, the country would face needless disruptions to agriculture, transportation, military construction, and essential services at the VA,” McConnell warned colleagues on the floor in comments that also appeared to be directed at the House.

“So I’ll say at the outset what I’ve said every time Congress has faced this threat: Shutting down the government is harmful to the country. And it never produces positive outcomes — on policy or politics,” he said.

Mitch, as always, is playing umpty-dimensional chess, putting pieces in place for a national abortion bill:

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