MM6 Maison Margiela Pre-Fall 2024

You do you and your clothes should follow. And if they don’t, they can always be tweaked.

That was the overarching thought at MM6 Maison Margiela. But don’t expect to get a prescription you can follow down to the last button.

In the look book, two ways to get the same vibe out of different sets of clothes were showcased. Dressier or more casual, worn by a male or female model, the pairs of looks were connected by an item added to both outfits, or a shared design feature. Consider a diagonal zippered neckline used for a tailored overcoat with wide-leg trousers, and the other a blouson with denim pants.

The design team also embedded clues suggesting clothes could be modified over time: the imprint of a removed patch, contrasting panels spliced into denim, a tone-on-tone childlike bear motif on jersey tops that looked like they’d been dyed, or a hoodie-cum-singlet that could be worn as a dress or with the singlet pulled over the shoulders to create dramatic volumes.

While some tweaks were best left to a clothing alteration atelier, others felt like a dare to do it yourself.

Case in point: a classic T-shirt printed with different cutting lines, for various lengths and necklines. 

Slotted in were the first apparel pieces in MM6’s ongoing collaboration with outdoor sports brand Salomon, including a Mackintosh, five-pocket jeans and a classic men’s shirt. Cut from bonded Gore-Tex, they drove home MM6’s idea of clothing made to face whatever the day could throw at you.

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