MO Legislator Proposes Rule To Allow Duels On Senate Floor

Republicans in the Missouri Senate were feuding before Sen. Nick Schroer, a member of the Freedom Caucus decided to go all Hamilton/Burr. On Tuesday, Senate President Pro Tem Caleb Rowden ousted four Freedom Caucus members from their committee chairs, cut their office budgets and moved their parking spots “as far from the Missouri Capitol building as possible,” the Missouri Independent reported.

Like their soulmates in the U.S. House of Representatives, Missouri’s Freedom Caucus seems more interested in performative chaos than in serving constituents. The caucus filibustered for over eight hours to hold up approval of 25 appointments by Republican Gov. Mike Parson. “The caucus wants the Senate to immediately debate measures to make initiative petitions more difficult to pass, including one in support of abortion rights,” The Daily Beast noted. They also want budget cuts and tax credits to pay for private school scholarshps.

Now, Schroer has taken performance politics to what feels like a logical conclusion: a rule allowing senators to challenge “an offending senator to a duel.”

Schroer’s chief of staff says he’s just joking:

Jamey Murphy, Schroer’s chief of staff, told Newsweek: “Senator Schroer is deeply committed to restoring a sense of honor in the Missouri Senate. While the idea of a duel may have been suggested in a metaphorical sense, the core message is about fostering respect and reminding members that the words used in a debate may have real consequences.

But the proposed rule includes granular how-to details:

A written challenge would be sent to the offending senator by the offended lawmaker’s “second,” the proposal added. Both parties would then agree to the terms of the duel “including choice of weapons.” “The duel shall take place in the well of the senate at the hour of high noon on the date agreed to by the parties to the duel.”

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