MoonPay creates MoonPay Ventures to invest in web3 gaming and infrastructure

Web3 infrastructure firm MoonPay branches off to create MoonPay Ventures, which will direct the firm to invest in web3 infrastructure and gaming.

MoonPay, a web3 infrastructure firm, has launched an investment division named MoonPay Ventures. This new branch aims to focus on nurturing early-stage startups specializing in web3 technology, gaming, and closely related fintech sectors. The news comes as the company acknowledges the increasing significance of web3 and its role as a catalyst in the emerging digital ecosystem.

MoonPay Ventures plans to invest sums ranging from $100,000 to $1 million, primarily in seed and Series A funding rounds. Abhay Mavalankar, the vice president of corporate development and investments at MoonPay, revealed to TechCrunch that the firm had already invested in a diverse portfolio of over 25 companies, including but not limited to BCB Group, Ledger, and Mythical Games.

Unlike traditional venture funds with a specified fund size, MoonPay Ventures will invest directly from the company’s balance sheet. Mavalankar emphasized that the investments will be driven by a definitive focus on achieving commercial return on investment.

According to Mavalankar, the investment venture is a “logical extension” of MoonPay’s commitment to web3 and its ambition to serve as an accelerant in this nascent ecosystem. As for the criteria for investment, he stresses that the team behind a startup is as crucial as the idea itself. “Multiple teams could be working on a similar concept, but execution capability is what sets them apart,” Mavalankar noted.

MoonPay Ventures intends to actively participate in the growth of its portfolio companies, assisting in scaling, distribution, and sales cycle management. About 80% to 90% of MoonPay Ventures’ investments will be tied to a commercial relationship, indicating a mutual arrangement aimed at adoption and market reach.

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