More 'No Puppet You're The Puppet' Projection From Trump In New Hampshire

This shtick apparently never gets old with Trump. During a rally in Laconia, New Hampshire this Monday, Trump treated his cult to yet another version of “no puppet, you’re the puppet” that we saw from the debate with Clinton, where he accused anyone accusing him of acting like a wanna’ be fascist of being a fascist themselves.

He also apparently had another senior moment where he could not remember Hunter Biden’s name, and called him “Hunt.”

TRUMP: And you know, I was thinking about this the other day. I don’t think I’ve said this before. I was thinking about this. If they didn’t illegally mess with me, and you’ve been watching it all this time — Russia, Russia, Russia, all hoaxes.

But if they didn’t illegally mess with me including spying on my campaign, changing election rules without approval by legislators, stuffing ballot boxes and then you had the intelligence agents falsely claiming that the laptop from hell was Russian disinformation, turned out not to be. It was Hunt.

I’m not sure what the hell he’s talking about here, but he seems to be conflating the so-called “laptop” with no chain of custody from Hunter Biden with… something.

Maybe Flynn and the Russians trying to get Clinton’s emails? Who knows, but it sure sounds like he’s getting their attacks on Hunter Biden mixed up with the denials that his campaign colluded with Russia.

Trump proceeded to thank his audience for supporting him despite all the indictments, and to pretend that protecting him from being held accountable for his crimes is somehow looking out for his supporters. He also blew off a heckler that was barely audible during the exchange.

TRUMP: Hey, that’s another one! That’s another one! But think of it. I would not be rounding out my term. In other words, if they did not do all of these things, and I can name ten more, or more, I’d now be rounding it out.

It would almost be over but because they did mess with me, now they’ve got us, and me, for four more years to drive them crazy. Every time the radical left, Democrats, Marxists, communists and fascists indict me, I consider it a great badge of honor. I really do.

I’m being indicted for you. Thanks a lot. I appreciate it. Never forget that our enemies want to…

AUDIENCE MEMBER: 12 years of Trump!

You’re right. That’s very interesting. Don’t say that too loud. They’ll start saying, “He wants, well, he’s a fascist.” You know, they love to call me a fascist. He’s a fascist. The fascists are the people that will do what they are doing to a political opponent. Those are fascists, by the way. Those are the people that are a danger to the country. But never forget our enemies want to take away my freedom because I will never let them take away your freedom.

Sorry Trump, but the only one talking about taking away people’s freedoms is you with your embrace of lawlessness, talking about being allowed to spend more than 8 years in office, your stance on women’s reproductive rights, the fact that you believe the law doesn’t apply to you, and the fact that the only reason you’re running again is because you’re trying to stay out of prison.

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