Morning Joe On New Polls: Trump May Want To Jump Off The Brooklyn Bridge

Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough declared that if Trump saw the newest polling data Thursday and Matt Drudge’s headlines, if you’re Trump, “you probably would jump off the Brooklyn bridge.’

Co-host Mika Brzezinski laid it out in terms even MAGA cultists can understand.

General election polling shows a nine-point swing toward president Joe Biden in the latest national survey from Reuters and Ipsos. Biden leads Trump by four points, 41% to 37%, within the poll’s margin of error. It marks a shift from January when Trump led Biden, 43% to 38%. The only polls with Trump leading are the Fox News poll and a couple of D-list pollsters whose product isn’t worth the time to consider. And the Fox News poll is old.

64% of registered voters also say the charges Trump faces in his upcoming hush money trial are either very or somewhat serious. Also, if he is convicted of a felony by election day, 24% of republicans and 13% of current Trump voters say they would not cast their ballots for the presumptive GOP nominee. That could be a little bit why they keep trying to delay this.

Whenever the beltway media like the New York Times and Washington Post stops both-siding the two candidates, President Biden will increase his lead exponentially.

As the late, great Eric Boehlert wrote in 2021, “The media’s biggest challenge during the Biden administration is being honest and accurate about today’s extremist Republican Party. It’s a test the press continues to fail.”

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