MSNBC Analyst On SCOTUS Immunity Case: ‘I Am Beyond Terrified’ For U.S.

Rubin joined retired federal appeals court Judge Michael Luttig to discuss with Nicolle Wallace the shocking news that the U.S. Supreme Court granted Trump’s request to consider his claim of presidential immunity. As CNN legal analyst Joan Biskupic put it, the decision made the court “a partner” in Trump’s effort to run the clock and seriously jeopardize any chance of a trial before the election.

Luttig issued a grave warning:

America fought one revolution almost 250 years ago in order that there would never be another revolution. And the Constitution prescribes that there will not be another revolution. But the intellectual underpinnings of the MAGA movement, the intellectual underpinnings, sound literally in revolution. And they compare what they are about, those people, to the revolution that we had in 1776. That is what’s at issue in the next nine months.

Rubin got the last word. Her voice sounding as if it were about to break, she talked about “watching a building that I love” get “plundered” on January 6, 2021. “I think about what the judge is saying now and the intellectual underpinnings of the MAGA movement, and thinking about what that could look like, and I am beyond terrified, Nicolle, right now, for our country.”

Rubin said she had hoped and believed that there would be enough justices to merely affirm the lower court ruling without taking the case. “If there was a context in which you wanted to decide the bounds of presidential immunity, it’s not this case,” she added.

We should all be terrified. And that should motivate everyone to do everything possible to make sure Donald Trump never sets foot inside the White House again.

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