Nancy Mace Defends Her Vote Against Women

On the one hand, Rep. Nancy Mace has called the Republican Party’s war on abortion “an asshole move” and on the other, she’ll vote with them anyway. One would hope the good people of South Carolina’s first district in Charleston would notice the hypocrisy and actually care enough to get rid of her but in the age of Trump, Republican voters have come to accept that they’re all liars and hypocrites.

Source: The Guardian

On Thursday, Mace, who has frequently been at odds with her party over its abortion stance, launched a profanity-laced tirade apparently against the inclusion of an amendment that would block the reimbursement of travel costs for military members who seek the procedure.

“It’s an asshole move, an asshole amendment,” she told aides in an elevator, according to Politico.

“We should not be taking this fucking vote, man. Fuck.”

She voted for it anyway. Then in an appearance on Friday night on CNN Primetime she struggled to explain herself, attempting to portray herself as consistent on the issue of opposing reimbursements for elective surgeries for those in the military, while claiming that servicewomen would still be able to get an abortion.

And what was her rationale? I mean, beyond the extreme cynicism and hypocrisy

“Nothing in here would prohibit a woman from traveling out of state to follow state law,” Mace said, reported by the Daily Beast.

“So I think that’s, you know, a really important message. Nothing would prohibit her from being able to do that. There are no limits on her travel.”

Pressed by the host, Kaitlan Collins, who used Mace’s own words to question why Republicans were being “assholes” to women, and pointing out access to an abortion for a woman stationed in Texas was more difficult than for one in New York, the congresswomen admitted she was uncomfortable.

“I did not like the idea of this amendment. These are not issues that I believe we should be voting on right now without some consideration of what we can do to protect women and show that we’re pro-women, which has been my frustration for the better part of the last seven months,” she said.

Yeah, I bet she’s “uncomfortable.” She knows she looks like a damn clown and just another one of the “assholes” she railed against but her dirty little secret is that Rep. Mace really, really wants to stay in Congress and for that she’ll put up with the indignity of looking like a damn fool.

Before the vote…

…and after the vote.

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