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Rep Nancy Mace, with no proof whatsoever, claimed on Fox Business Network that the DOJ and FBI arrested and indicted alleged “Biden whistleblower” Gal Luft to silence him from testifying.

I dunno, Nancy, your witness fled the country weeks ago. He was indicted LAST NOVEMBER.

Whatever credibility Rep. Nancy Mace garnered from the mainstream media as a faux centrist, should be gone forever after this outrageous appearance with MAGA Queen Maria Bartiromo.

This is the Congresswoman, by the way, who allegedly faked Antifa graffiti on her own house.

The Fox Business host opened up today’s program highlighting the indictment of the alleged Chinese spy by playing a short video from Russian puppet Sen. Ron Johnson attacking Biden.

A flummoxed Bartiromo asked Rep Mace to weigh in

“What is your reaction to this indictment of Gal Luft,” she asked.

Well, no one should be surprised here.

I don’t trust the DOJ or the FBI.

They are trying to silence our witnesses.

This is a way to do that. He deserves to testify before the oversight committee.

We have a lot of questions. We want to know why the evidence he brought forth to the FBI in that Brussels meeting in 2019 was not followed up on.

And the irony here is not lost on anyone charging him for failing to register as a foreign agent.

Well, I have a question for the D. O. J.

And the FBI this morning.

What was Hunter Biden doing with millions and millions of dollars from foreign countries advocating and lobbying on their behalf?

I mean, really, this is obscene that they’re not charging Hunter with the same crimes, or they’re charging this guy.

Every single whistle-blowing witness that Rep James Comer and Jim Jordan have promised to have the goods on President Biden has either disappeared or been arrested.

The only out for Republican idiots is to claim that it’s another “QAnon deep-state conspiracy against Trump to protect the globalists and elitists like Biden.”

We’re also not sure Jim Jordan can get testimony from Gal Luft without extradition from whatever country in which he’s currently hiding.

I thought Republicans said Biden was too feeble and mentally deficient to be a participant in any sort of far-ranging, global hopping conspiracies?

Mace is a disgrace!

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