NEM, BTC holders eye returns as ETH plunge leads to DeeStream interest 

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As Ethereum plunges to $3K, NEM and Bitcoin holders explore potential gains with DeeStream amid rising interest in the presale token forecasted for significant growth.

Ethereum, in the last few days, has plunged to $3K. With this huge price drop, its holders and other crypto traders aggressively invested in other tokens to boost their earnings. Rumors circulating on social media suggest that Ethereum holders are buying into a presale token predicted to hit 75X in value before the end of April.

Now selling for $0.06, the crypto community is buying largely into the DeeStream protocol in hopes of a significant return.

Ethereum loses 6.8% in seven days

As the protocol to produce smart contracts, Ethereum is very widely used in the crypto community. Smart contracts have become integral to dApp creation, transactions, and other crypto communities. Ethereum is selling for $3K in the crypto market.

With a 6.8% loss in market price, Ethereum now has a total market cap of $365 billion. This drop hasn’t affected the token’s standing, as Ethereum is still the #2 token in the market and the #3 highest-traded cryptocurrency.

NEM holders buy into DeeStream for April gains

NEM was launched in 2015 as a proof-of-importance protocol. NEM is a non-turing complete chain with user-defined tokens, multi-signature accounts, and a P2P reputation system. Now selling at $0.03, the token seems to be losing its holders to DeeStream.

NEM is ranked #187 in the crypto market. With a 10% loss over the last seven days in the crypto market, NEM has a total market cap of $336 million. In a day, about $10 million worth of NEM is being traded in the crypto market, making NEM one of the least traded tokens in the crypto ecosystem.

Bitcoin drops to $63.5K selling price

With its halving event coming up, Bitcoin has lost about 37% in market activity. Some traders have claimed this drop is due to investors buying less Bitcoin to diversify their risk after the halving event. Bitcoin is now selling at $63.5K in the cryptop market after a decrease of 5% in token value over the last seven days.

By market capitalization, the entire Bitcoin is now worth $1.2 trillion. By daily activity, Bitcoin is still the second-highest traded token in the crypto market.

DeeStream aims to be the safest streaming platform

DeeStream is a decentralized streaming platform designed with blockchain technology. It aims to be the safest streaming platform in the crypto community. For security purposes, the platform has put a few checks into its mechanisms, such as a liquidity lock for life, a lack of KYC process, no sign-up needed for basic streamers, and many more features. Its transaction records will also be made available to the public.

The DeeStream token allows holders to participate in key decision-making processes and submit new proposals on what can be added and changed within the platform. This is a crucial benefit of buying into DeeStream as an investor.

Following these features, token holders will also get free account management tips, cashback, and earnings off the transaction fee charged on all transactions on the platform.

To learn more about DeeStream, visit the website.

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