New Mercedes-AMG GT 4-Door due in 2025 with 1000bhp

Central to this pledge will be a new type of slimline, energy-dense battery design bespoke to AMG EVs. Mercedes-Benz has confirmed it will use a new silicon anode material from US firm Sila. 

This is said to offer a 40% improvement in energy density over existing graphite anodes and thus substantially boost range – with the added benefit of freeing up room in the interior. 

New-era AMG cars will follow the lead of their Benz-badged counterparts in adopting a bold cabin design centred on a full-width high-definition screen, as alluded to by the Concept One-Eleven. The 2025 saloon is described as a four-seater, but no doubt larger successors will make space for a third seat in the rear.

Q&A: Robert Lesnik, head of Mercedes-Benz exterior design

What were the design priorities for AMG’s first EV?

“We wanted a low car with a great stance and good practicality with four doors. The AMG.EA platform allows this. We did a lot of proportional models to get the shape right. The surfacing is super smooth – there are no redundant feature lines at all. You’ll notice elements from the Vision EQXX. Aerodynamics on a car like this is very important, both the reduction of drag and downforce. Active aerodynamics will feature on the production car. We have a lot of different ideas.”

How have you re-interpreted traditional AMG design elements?

“We’ve illuminated the grille to give it added prominence. With an electric car you don’t need a functioning grille for air management, but we wanted to give the concept a familiar face. It sits lower than on any other AMG model. We also reworked the headlamps with a new star design. We want it to be a new signature element. As on the Project One, the Mercedes-Benz logo is stencilled into the bonnet.”

What’s next for Mercedes-AMG’s EVs?

“The AMG.EA platform provides a lot of scope design-wise. We’re able to go much lower than with the EVA platform. I can’t give too much away but we don’t develop new platforms for just one model. The Vision AMG is a start. It is safe to say there will be other AMG-specific electric models in the future.”

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