New Missouri Bill Makes Teachers Who Use Pronouns Into Felons

A new bill introduced in the Missouri legislature makes it even less likely that people will see the state as a desirable destination. It would put teachers on the sex offense registry if they “contribute to social transition” of a trans youth- including pronouns, haircuts, information, and more. It would make the actions of the teacher “contributing to social transition” a class E felony. Via The Los Angeles Blade:

House Bill 2885 was introduced by Republican State Representative Jamie Ray Gragg (District 140 Christian County), a first term lawmaker who has previously publicly expressed strong anti-LGBTQ+ viewpoints as well as being anti-abortion rights. He sits on four House committees; Children and Families, Elementary and Secondary Education, Healthcare Reform, and Subcommittee on Appropriations- Education.

In the bill, the language reads:

A person commits the offense of contributing to social transition if
2 the person is acting in his or her official capacity as a teacher or school counselor and
3 the person provides support, regardless of whether the support is material, information,
4 or other resources to a child regarding social transition.
5 2. The offense of contributing to social transition is a class E felony.
6 3. As used in this section, the following terms mean:
7 (1) “Child”, a person under eighteen years of age;
8 (2) “Social transition”, the process by which an individual adopts the name,
9 pronouns, and gender expression, such as clothing or haircuts, that match the
10 individual’s gender identity and not the gender assumed by the individual’s sex at birth;
11 (3) “Teacher”, as that term is defined in subdivisions (4), (5), and (7) of section
12 168.104.

The proposed law prescribes penalties beyond a felony charge in the form of forcing the person convicted to register as a Tier I sexual offender with required annual registration.

The bill is not expected to pass. But the damage is validating the extreme conservative issues.

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