New Poll Shows Birth Control Is Galvanizing Issue For Voters

That’s a pretty big shift. Americans are finally taking the threat to birth control seriously, and it’s going to backfire for Republican attempts to maintain control. Via the New York Times:

A new national poll conducted by Americans for Contraception and obtained by The New York Times found that most voters across the political spectrum believe their access to birth control is actively at risk, and that 80 percent of voters said that protecting access to contraception was “deeply important” to them. Even among Republican voters, 72 percent said they had a favorable view of birth control.

When voters were told that 195 House Republicans had voted against the Right to Contraception Act, 64 percent of them said they would be less likely to support Republican candidates for Congress, according to the poll. And overall, the issue of protecting access to contraception bolstered voters’ preference for Democrats by nine points, giving them a 12-point edge over Republicans, up from three.

The survey found that birth control access was especially motivating to critical groups in the Democratic coalition, including Black voters and young people, who are currently less enthusiastic about the election.

Pollsters said the shift in overall party preference — known as the generic ballot — was notable, particularly by such a large margin.

And of course, the Alabama embryo “personhood” ruling is on everyone’s mind.

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