New VR crypto attracts $1.5m in funding, eyeing significant growth

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5th Scape, a virtual reality-focused cryptocurrency, has successfully raised $1.6 million during its presale phase, showing a potential for growth and innovation in the digital space.

Explore a new paradigm of heightened experiences with 5th Scape – the newest VR crypto currently undergoing a presale. The campaign has already raised $1.6 million, signifying a nod of approval from the investor community.

Blockchain and VR innovation to redefine gaming

Ushering in the next generation of gaming, 5th Scape strives to deliver immersive and hyper-realistic experiences to the blockchain.

The first game in line is Cage Conquest, a mixed martial arts-themed world where users can test their skills in thrilling dynamic combat, a champion’s journey, strategic training, and online championships.

Other games in the pipeline include car racing, soccer, archery, and more. Each boasts its own unique in-game mechanisms and journeys.

5th Scape’s hardware complements these games and is designed for performance and enthralling adventure.

Its proprietary VR headset offers realistic graphics, unparalleled ergonomics, precise motion tracking, and intuitive controls.

Meanwhile, its Swiftscape VR Chair enhances the platform, making for even more immersive and limitless gaming experiences.

This intertwining of hardware and software propels 5th Scape to the cusp of VR innovation, tackling both realms for a full-circle gaming ecosystem.  

5th Scape offers a staking reward approach

Usually, staking financially incentivizes users to lock up their tokens, reducing sell pressure while stabilizing and securing the network’s long-term prosperity.

However, 5th Scape CEO Anoj Kumar deeply contemplated how staking could be more than that, and he, along with his team, has implemented a novel approach to staking rewards. 

Collectively, the team has pioneered a gateway to an immersive digital experience filled with exclusive privileges.

Indeed, 5th Scape stakers are financially incentivized. But eclipsing the monetary benefits, they will bear lifetime free access to 5th Scape, exclusive in-game advantages, and early access to avant-garde VR content.

In addition, simply holding the $5SCAPE token allows investors to transact throughout the 5th Scape ecosystem, a pivotal utility to stimulate demand.

Regarding the $5SCAPE token distribution, a whopping 80% has been allocated to the presale. Another 10% is earmarked for treasury and development, and the final 10% is for exchange liquidity.

Experts voice support for 5th Scape

Intertwining state-of-the-art technology with financial innovation, 5th Scape has set a bullish precedent for its future trajectory.

Despite being in its early stages, analysts have noted the phenomenon, and the token has earned several price predictions.

“I made a ton of money investing in Play-to-Earn games. I’m going to talk about a project that could do those 100-200x returns, and that is called 5th Scape,” said Michael Wrubel to his 311K subscribers in a recent video.

Decrypt Crypto also looks ahead to 100x gains, titling a recent analysis “5th Scape ICO, The Next 100X Potential?”

The project has been featured in prominent media outlets, such as Yahoo Finance, The Tech Report, CryptoPotato, and NewsBTC.

 The presale is currently available at $0.00215, and the price will increase throughout the event, with the next uptick in three days.

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