Newsmax Host Wonders If Biden Can Be Sued For Murder Of Georgia Nursing Student

Newsmax host Lidia Bastianich asked Alina Habba, an attorney for Donald Trump, if President Joe Biden could be sued after Georgia nursing student Laken Riley was allegedly murdered by an undocumented immigrant.

“We saw what happened with that Venezuelan illegal alien who is now accused of killing that nursing student, Laken Riley,” Bastianich told Habba during a Sunday interview. “Now he’s accused of killing this beautiful young girl, 22 years old, prime of her life. Does Joe Biden have blood on his hands at this point, Alina?”

“100%” Habba replied. “Look, the whole thing with our borders, the whole thing with them bringing these people into that they could vote in November because they need 10 million more votes to beat Trump.”

“And Joe Biden is more concerned with his polls, which he can’t win fair and square because the man can’t even walk,” she continued. “So he has to do this. He has to let you in.”

“They care about one thing, and that’s figuring out a way to cheat. This is the new way to cheat, lie and steal for 2024. And that’s the truth. And it’s frightening for me.”

Bastianich wondered if Riley’s family could sue Biden over her death.

“Should the family sue?” the Newsmax host asked. “I mean, could they do something? I mean, Joe Biden bears direct responsibility for allowing these illegals, for allowing cartel members and gang members into this country.”

But Habba argued that both Biden and Trump should have immunity for all actions taken while in office. Trump’s legal team has asserted in court that the former president cannot be tried in his election interference case because of presidential immunity.

“You know, it’s a tough question for me to answer because I’m an attorney for a former president and presidents have immunities that need to be preserved,” Habba said. “And I truly do believe that. I think that presidents need to have immunity so that they can carry out their duties. And I mean, all presidents.”

“Lawsuits and litigation, you know, unfortunately, are not always the answer,” the lawyer added. “They take time unless you’re Trump. They take time. And I think that it’s more important, frankly, that we get our borders secure than waste time trying to get money and litigious.

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