Nice Old Joe Biden Announces Even More Student Debt Forgiveness

I love how Old Joe just keeps on pushing on with his plan to wipe out as much student debt as possible. The same people who loved the $14 trillion in tax cuts from Bush and Trump are having conniptions. They didn’t mind that particular kind of public spending, did they? Ha, ha! Via the Washington Post:

Days after heralding its latest student debt forgiveness plan, the Biden administration is announcing another round of loan cancellation through existing debt relief programs.

The White House will send emails Friday to 277,000 borrowers informing them their debts — $7.4 billion in total — are being canceled. As Election Day nears, the Biden administration has ramped up efforts to tout the president’s record on wiping clear the education debts of millions of Americans, despite Republican challenges to the efforts.

“This White House has been unapologetic in our efforts to deliver this relief,” Education Secretary Miguel Cardona said on a call with reporters Thursday. “Imagine the potential of this country if everyone can afford and access higher education. That’s why we’re engaged in this difficult work.”

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