Nikki Haley: 6-Week Abortion Ban 'Great Day For The People Of Iowa'

During an appearance on Fox & Friends this Saturday, former UN Ambassador and Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley was asked about the 6-week abortion ban just signed by Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds in front of the Family Leadership Summit this Friday, and Haley lauded the ban and called it a “great day for the people of Iowa.”

HALEY: I think it’s great. I think that, first of all, our goal should be, save as many babies as possible and support as many moms as we can. It was great when unelected justices no longer decided abortion anywhere, anytime for any reason and allowed the states and the people to decide. That’s where it should be.

I am pro-life not because the Republican party tells me to be, but because my husband was adopted, and I had trouble having both of my children, so I am surrounded by blessings.

I don’t judge anyone who’s pro-choice any more than I want them to judge me for being pro-life, but I love that the people get to decide where this is and that states can decide again, because that’s what empowers people to make the decisions, and Iowa did that. And I think, I was there shortly after the signing, and it was a great day for the people of Iowa.

She doesn’t have a chance in hell of beating Trump in the primary, so I guess this is what she believes will earn her a spot on the ticket as VP. I hate to break it to her, but banning abortion before many women even know they’re pregnant isn’t “empowering” anyone other than a bunch of religious zealots who believe pregnant women are second class citizens.

Her fellow extremist Mike Pence went even further to the right this weekend when he told ABC News that he would ban abortions even in cases where the pregnancy isn’t viable.

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