Nikki Haley Sharpens Attacks 's Torch With Pepper Spray's Torch With Pepper Spray

Hey Greg Gutfeld: here’s that attention you ordered:

GREG GUTFELD (HOST): On top of that, the U.N. just presented a plan giving $1.6 billion to 17 Latin American countries partially in the form of prepaid debit cards for migrants. Now, the U.N. gets 20% of its budget from us, so we’re actually paying the migrants to come here. And what — I know — and what do you know? Suddenly the U.S. had roughly 10 million new contestants that decided we’re the one, which is why it’s about time to replace the Statue of Liberty’s torch with a can of pepper spray.

“Gutfeld” is purportedly a Jewish Ashkenazi name from north-central Europe. I wondered if Greg’s ancestors escaped the Holocaust, and then I remembered that last summer, Greg erased that possibility by noting that Jews survived the Nazi camps by “being useful.”

Greg is the farthest thing from useful. He is an embarrassment, yes, even to Fox News.

And no matter where they came from, somebody shoulda pepper-sprayed Greg Gutfeld’s potato famine refugee ancestors back to the old country. They obviously invaded these shores back when there were no quotas limiting the number of low-IQ northern Europeans spreading their legs often enough to earn their boat fare across the Atlantic.

Maybe then we wouldn’t have to endure what Greg Gutfeld thinks is “edgy humor.”

I said what I said.

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