'No Evidence': NBC Host Busts Byron Donalds On 'Weaponization' Against Trump

NBC host Peter Alexander corrected Rep. Byron Donalds (R-FL) after the congressman suggested that President Joe Biden was behind Donald Trump’s prosecution in the state of New York.

In an interview on Sunday’s Meet the Press, Alexander asked Donalds if he would accept an appeal ruling if it overturned Trump’s 34 felony convictions.

“Understand what I’m trying to explain to you,” Donalds said. “This is being done for political purposes.”

“But will you accept the verdict if it’s appealed to, or if it’s overturned on appeal?” Alexander pressed.

“The only ability for this to be overturned is going to be happening two or three years from now,” Donalds complained. “That’s why what happened in lower Manhattan was to interfere with an election, which is why Speaker Johnson, myself included, and many Americans believe the Supreme Court should step into this matter.”

Alexander offered a fact check: “And to be clear, Joe Biden, there is no evidence that he had anything to do with this case.”

“The Manhattan DA, as you know, began this investigation in 2018 before Joe Biden was even his party’s nominee,” he added.

Conservatives have claimed that Biden has “weaponized” the government against Trump.

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