No 'Smoking Gun': Fox News Host Destroys GOP Rep On Biden Nonsense

Fox News host Gillian Turner repeatedly interrupted Rep. Nick Langworthy (R-NY) on Thursday as he struggled to defend an investigation into President Joe Biden’s family.

The first interruption came after Langworthy claimed that the recent deposition of Devon Archer, a business associate of the president’s son, had been under oath.

“I just want to flag that,” Turner said. “I want to clarify. He was not under oath when he gave his deposition to the House committee.”

“The evidence just continues to pile up,” Langworthy complained. “But it’s a web of lies and deceit as the president continues to deny this involvement or knowledge.”

Turner noted that Republicans had spent nearly two years on the investigation.

“And while you have certainly unearthed a trove of evidence that the committee says proves the president’s association,” the Fox News host remarked, “there has not been produced a smoking gun. Clear cut, undeniable proof of the president’s involvement with his son’s foreign business deals.”

We’ve never claimed we have direct money going to the president,” Langworthy insisted.

Turner interrupted again to fact-check the Republican lawmaker.

“You said we never claimed that any money was funneled directly to the president,” she explained. “That is precisely the claim that the chairman of your committee, James Comer, and also Jim Jordan have made many times on public record.”

We are putting an investigation together, laying out the facts on the business dealings of this family,” Langworthy replied.

The interview ended with a final correction.

“I’ve got to clarify again that the chairman of your committee and multiple colleagues of yours have made that direct claim, that money has been funneled to the president,” Turner pointed out.

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