Non-competes: Legal updates that give physicians options [PODCAST]

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Did you know that non-compete contracts in the health care industry are constantly evolving? Join family physician and entrepreneur Tod Stillson as we dive into the latest legal changes impacting physicians’ professional mobility. In this episode, we explore how these reforms are empowering physicians to make informed career choices with more flexibility and autonomy. Discover valuable strategies for leveraging these changes to shape your career according to your vision and passion.

Tod Stillson is a family physician, entrepreneur, and Amazon best-selling author of Doctor Incorporated: Stop the Insanity of Traditional Employment and Preserve Your Professional Autonomy. He can be reached at SimpliMD.  Follow him on Facebook, Instagram, and X @DrInc9, or join his Facebook community for doctors, Every Doctor Is A Business.

He discusses the KevinMD article, “Freedom to roam: Breaking down the boundaries of non-competes.”

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