'Not The Same RNC': Nikki Haley Ditches GOP Presidential Pledge

Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley suggested she might not endorse Donald Trump even though she signed a Republican National Committee (RNC) pledge to back the eventual presidential nominee.

During an interview on Sunday, NBC host Kristen Welker asked Haley if she had ruled out endorsing Trump.

“Have you moved to a place where you’re no longer planning to endorse him?” Welker wondered.

“Well, I think, first of all, if you talk about an endorsement, you’re talking about a loss,” Haley replied. “I don’t think like that. When you’re in a race, you don’t think about losing. You think about continuing to go forward. What I can tell you is, I don’t think Donald Trump or Joe Biden should be president.”

“Let me try it this way,” Welker pressed. “You did sign a pledge, an RNC pledge, to support the eventual nominee. Do you still feel bound by that pledge?”

“The RNC pledge, I mean, at the time of the debate, we had to take it… in order to get on that debate stage, you said yes,” Haley explained. “The RNC is now not the same RNC. Now, it’s Trump’s.”

“So you’re no longer bound by that pledge?” Welker asked.

“No, I think I’ll make what decision I want to make, but that’s not something I’m thinking about,” Haley concluded.

In recent weeks, Trump has taken steps to install his supporters and family into RNC leadership positions.

Watch the video below from NBC.

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