Nyobolt presents reborn Lotus Elise S1 EV concept at Goodwood

The technology has also been produced to alleviate some of the barriers to battery development, for example slow charge times, access to battery materials, and battery degradation issues. According to Callum’s managing director, Nyobolt’s tech offers a solution to these problems.

The significant implications of the battery technology housed within this future-looking concept are reinforced by Callum’s substantial overhaul of the original Elise’s design.

Callum’s creative lead, Aleck Jones, said: “Rather than take a resto-mod approach, the aim was to evolve the design and bring it up to date, while keeping that understated, everyman sportscar feel that was so well received in the Elise. We needed to ensure that we maintained the right attitude with the body, so it’s nose-down, taking that same aggressive stance.

“Nyobolt’s technology allows this car to tick all the boxes that made the original Elise such a desirable drivers’ car with a cult following, but it’s electric. These two things don’t usually come hand-in-hand due to weight and battery packaging constraints.”

The result is a thoroughly modernised take on the Elise – wider, lower and cleaner than the 1996 car for a more purposeful stance, and with a raft of modern flourishes throughout to give the impression of a sports car designed today, rather than before the millennium. Importantly, it is said to weigh “closer to one tonne than two” as a result of the lighter batteries.

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