OANN Anchor Goes Vigilante When Homeless Man Enters Building

OANN’s Dan Ball apparently decided he needed to run around armed and play “Howdy Doody” after a homeless man made his way into their San Diego headquarters.

This is the same idiot that has run segments accusing Sesame Street’s “Elmo” of being a “groomer,” that platformed Killer Kyle when he needed somewhere to go cry to about being sued, and who I’m sure contributed to the fact that DirecTV finally dropped them like a hot rock back in the spring of 2022.

Here’s more from The Daily Beast:

Earlier this year, One America News star Dan Ball paced the halls of the newsroom with a handgun strapped to his hip, policing the MAGA channel’s San Diego headquarters after a homeless man allegedly snuck into the building, three people familiar with the situation told Confider.

A female on-air personality was visibly shaken after encountering the unauthorized visitor in the building early one morning, these sources said. “It can be kind of scary at the studio on the early morning shift when you are pretty much the only person there,” one OAN insider explained. “Especially on the weekends when you are basically there alone.”

After word of the incident spread at the network, prompting concerns about a lack of security, star host Ball, who views himself as the face of the network, went full vigilante mode. “It got to the point where Dan was walking around with his firearm downstairs like some sort of Howdy Doody, like he was going to stop someone if they came in,” another OAN insider added. “It was just way over the top. The bravado and the ego was very much what fueled it.” (While California generally prohibits open carry in public, it permits adults to lawfully carry a handgun in private business spaces.)

The lack of security personnel, which sources lamented as being limited to a front-entrance receptionist, has led employees to joke that everyone there must be strapped.

And from Raw Story:

California has strict regulations on open carrying of handguns in public, but the law allows it in certain private business establishments if the person is lawfully licensed.

According to the report, Ball took it upon himself to undertake this vigilante patrol in large part because OAN’s meager budget doesn’t have enough for a full-sized professional security operation.

Maybe Ball can find employment as a full time security guard somewhere when OANN finally goes under.

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