OANN Nutbag Pushes New Conspiracy Theory: Major League Sports A 'Psy-Op'

If you thought the rest of the wingnuts out there howling about Taylor Swift and the game supposedly being rigged after the Chiefs won the AFC championship game this weekend were bad, you ain’t heard nothing yet.

Here’s One America News Network nutter Alison Steinberg accusing professional football and major league sports in general of being one big psy-ops program designed to brainwash your kids:

STEINBERG: America’s pop star celebrity sweetheart joins forces with the top dog in the NFL playing for the team that’s going to the Super Bowl. I mean, let’s be real here. This is bread and circuses on steroids. Major league sports in and of itself is nothing but a psy-op. Get kids plugged into the cycle of going to public indoctrination camps, playing sports for their school, and going to games. Many end up devoting their entire childhood to competing in various sports only to be cut from the team, at which point they become brainwashed into supporting professional teams because they know their dreams of becoming a pro athlete will probably never happen.

So then they become obsessed with some grown man who gets paid millions of dollars every year to throw a ball around while promoting poison death shots and child slave labor through various brand deals and endorsements. So sad. …

Just imagine for a moment if people were as dedicated to Jesus as they are professional sports. I think the country might look pretty different if that were the case. But sadly, as we know, it’s not.

And perhaps that’s why we’re witnessing the crumbling and degradation of our once great nation. Instead, all we seem to care about are the celebrities and athletes propped up by the Hollywood elites in this ongoing theater. This fake, carefully crafted show that the masses have been hypnotized by and can’t seem to turn off.

The question is, with the wide open border and millions of illegals pouring in daily, the stealing at the ballot boxes and censoring conservative news, and Republican incumbents being removed from the ballot and financing Nikki Haley and so on, why do the powers that be need this dynamic duo to sway the vote? Don’t they have enough dirty tricks up their sleeves as it is? Think about it. If Taylor Swift is really owned by [George] Soros, we might actually have a rare chance to unite against him. Using Taylor Swift as the Trojan horse instead of pushing the Alphabet Mafia and murdering of babies to her fans, she should be warning about the dangers of the corrupt elites.

OANN, the network for QAnon and other whackaloons that think the propagandists on Fox are a bunch of RINOs.

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