Oggy Inu up 40% as PEPE’s alternative, Nugget Rush, raises $600k in presale

  • Oggy Inu rose 40% in 24 hours.
  • Nugget Rush, a P2E memecoin and Pepe’s alternative, raised $600,000 in the ongoing presale.
  • According to experts, NUGX prices may rally

Oggy Inu (OGGY) rose 40% in 24 hours. Nugget Rush (NUGX), an alternative to Pepe (PEPE), has also garnered attention by raising $600,000 in the ongoing presale. 

Nugget Rush raises $600k in presale

Nugget Rush has garnered significant attention, raising over $600,000 during its second presale round. 

Unlike many memecoins, such as Oggy Inu and PepeCoin, Nugget Rush has real-world applications, ensuring its value is not solely driven by speculation or hype. 

Nugget Rush integrates play-to-earn (P2E) and GameFi elements. This game immerses players in a gold mining adventure, incorporating crypto and NFTs. 

Players can also earn tangible in-game assets, adding value to their playing experience.

To navigate this virtual gold mining world, players establish mining facilities and assemble teams, which can include other players or experienced in-game characters that serve as NFTs.

These characters have dual appeal, functioning as gaming assets and valuable NFT collectibles. Players can trade or sell these characters and other rare NFTs and mined materials on the integrated marketplace.

With the presale in its second round, NUGX is also trading at $0.012. 

Oggy Inu is up 40% in 24 hours

Oggy Inu is gaining prominence in the meme ecosystem. 

Initially launched on the BNB Chain, the team expanded its presence to Ethereum. Despite OGGY’s success on BNB Chain, the token has also increased by 40% in the last 24 hours on Ethereum.

The surge in liquidity for Oggy Inu can be attributed to Ethereum’s rally. 

The ETH surge supported various projects, including Oggy Inu. 

PEPE: third popular memecoin

PEPE gained significant attention in Q2 2023 when it surged, securing its position as the third most popular memecoin. 

Despite its relatively recent launch, Pepe is among the investment options.

There are now multiple tokens aiming to replicate PEPE’s success. Even so, there are hard questions about their ability to match or surpass PEPE. 

It is understandable. Many of these alternatives have yet to meet expectations. 

However, based on current indicators, Nugget Rush appears to be a notable contender.


In the last 24 hours, Oggy Inu rose 40%, maintaining momentum and drawing attention as one of the altcoins worth monitoring. Furthermore, Nugget Rush, positioned as an alternative to Pepe, has raised over $600,000 in its presale. As this project prepares for its launch, speculation is it could outperform PEPE.

Visit NuggetRush presale website

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