Omarosa Tells How Aides Had To Work Hard To Keep Trump Awake

Omarosa Manigault Newman yesterday recalled the measures that fellow aides used to take to prevent Trump from falling asleep in meetings and ceremonies. So it turns out his constant accusations of Sleepy Joe really are projection! Via HuffPost:

The onetime “Apprentice” contestant-turned-Trump critic explained that because her former boss ― who reportedly preferred intelligence briefings full of pictures ― “cannot focus, nor can he sit still for long,” they would build events “specifically to address his attention deficit.”

“We would break up the events so that he be stimulated and not fall asleep,” Newman remembered to MSNBC’s Jason Johnson.

“We could slide him different information or news articles that he could read while the long proceedings were going on, anything to keep him focused so that he wouldn’t just get up and walk out,” she added.

Newman suggested Trump will find it difficult, therefore, to sit through his hush money trial where proceedings can be “very boring.”

He’s already reportedly fallen asleep in court, she noted.

It is “highly likely” Trump will “blow up” when hearing testimony he doesn’t like, she added, saying the “worst place you can allow Trump to be Trump is in a courtroom.”

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