On the icy shores of Woodbine Beach, the 2024 Winter Stations in Toronto are now open

Now in its tenth iteration, Winter Stations opened to the public this week in Toronto on the icy shores of Woodbine Beach and Queen Street. There, architecture students from the University of Waterloo School of Architecture, Toronto Metropolitan University, and the University of Guelph displayed installations alongside works by designers including, Xavier Madden and Katja Banovic, Brander Architects, Adria Maynard and Purvangi Patel, and David Stein.

This year’s theme was Resonance, which asked designers to take inspiration from past installations. “After ten years of consecutively bringing bright and bold art to Toronto’s public realm, the impact of Winter Stations resonates directly with our innate playful nature and we hope to continue this impact for the years to come,” said RAW Design Architect Dakota Wares-Tani.

Below are the winning designs now on view in the Maple City. The artist statements can be found in a prior article AN published that announced the winners. A full list of past winners can be found here.

We Caught a UFO!

Xavier Madden & Katja Banovic | Croatia and Australia

We Caught A UFO! by Xavier Madden and Katja Banovic (Courtesy Winter Stations)


Brander Architects | Canada

unnamed 1
A KALEIDOSCOPIC ODYSSEY by Brander Architects: Adam Brander, Nilesh Parge, Ingrid Garcia, Maryam Emadzadeh (Courtesy Winter Stations)

Making Waves

Adria Maynard and Purvangi Patel | Canada

unnamed 2
Making Waves by Adria Maynard and Purvangi Patel (Courtesy Winter Stations)


David Stein | Canada

unnamed 3
NIMBUS by David Stein (Courtesy Winter Stations)


University of Waterloo School of Architecture | Canada

unnamed 5
Bobbin’ by Max Perry, Jason Cai, Kenneth Siu, Simon Peiris, Yoon Hur, Angeline Reyes, Oluwatobiloba Babalola, Yiqing Liu, Kenyo Musa, Ali Hasan; University of Waterloo School of Architecture (Courtesy Winter Stations)


Toronto Metropolitan University | Canada

unnamed 6
Nova by Jake Levy, Emily Lensin, Luca Castellan, and Nathaniel Barry; Toronto Metropolitan University – Department of Architectural Science (Courtesy Winter Stations)


University of Guelph | Canada

unnamed 7
WINTERACTION by University of Guelph – Department of Landscape Architecture: Afshin Ashari, Ali Ebadi, Ramtin Shafaghati, Zackary Tammaro-Cater; and Ashari Architects: Amir Ashari, Sara Nazemi, Anahita Kazempour, Hakimeh Elahi, Yasaman Sirjani, Zahra Jafari (Courtesy Winter Stations)

The two installations making their second debut are CONRAD by Novak Djogo and Daniel Joshua Vanderhorst and Delighthouse by Nick Green and Greig Pirrie.


Novak Djogo & Daniel Joshua Vanderhorst | Canada

unnamed 8
CONRAD by Novak Djogo and Daniel Joshua Vanderhorst ( Jonathan Sabeniano/Courtesy Winter Stations)


Nick Green and Greig Pirrie | Canada

unnamed 9
Delighthouse by Nick Green and Greig Pirrie (Phil Marion/Courtesy Winter Stations)

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