Oops! Alabama AG Says He Won't Prosecute IVF Families, Providers

The Alabama Attorney General’s office says they have “no intention” of prosecuting providers of in vitro fertilization or families who use their services, it said on Friday after the state’s top court ruled that frozen embryos are considered children. Yeah, until some other religious nut job gets elected and changes back! Via Reuters:

Following the Alabama Supreme Court ruling last week that allowed parents to sue for wrongful death of their minor children, including embryos, several of the state’s fertilization clinics halted their work on in vitro fertilization (IVF), which is the creation of embryos by mixing eggs and sperm in a lab dish.

“Attorney General (Steve) Marshall has no intention of using the recent Alabama Supreme Court decision as a basis for prosecuting IVF families or providers,” Katherine Robertson, the chief counsel to Marshall, said in an emailed statement.

The ruling by Alabama’s top court, whose elected judges are all Republican, left doctors and patients wondering how to legally store, transport and use embryos, if they are to be held liable for any embryos that are destroyed or lost.

Could it have something to do with this?

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