Oops! GOP Rep. Forced To Admit ‘Unserious’ COVID Almost Killed Him

Neguse began his questioning of Rep. Clay Higgins (R-LA) by asking if he thinks COVID-19 is serious or dangerous.

Higgins responded by suggesting that anyone who thinks COVID is dangerous is a wuss, unlike his own big, bad, brave self. “I believe that perhaps the gentleman’s definition of danger might be quite different from mine,” Higgins said. He put COVID danger and concern “along the lines of the flu, far down my list of priorities” because, he said, he has “lived a life that stared danger in the eye many, many times and never resembled COVID.”

“Got it,” Neguse said, amicably, “I appreciate your answer.” Then, without changing his cordial tone, Neguse read from an August, 2021 newspaper article with the headline, “Clay Higgins says COVID ‘almost killed me.’” One paragraph quoted Clay as saying, “There was a day there when I wasn’t sure y’all were going to have to tolerate me much longer. … I’ve never been knocked down that hard in my life.”


Higgins then admitted that he had indeed “faced death’s door from the Delta variant of COVID.”

But that doesn’t mean he believes in vaccines. “I remain very heavily inoculated [sic] having gained natural immunity,” Higgins added. “I remain unvaccinated by the experimental vaccine, which I’m sure you got,” he sneered at Noguse. “Good luck with that.”

It looks like that natural immunity isn’t quite what Higgins cracked it up to be. “Yeah, I battled COVID a couple of times,” he continued. “One time brought me to death’s door, but here I am.”

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