Ottolinger Fall 2024 Ready-to-Wear: Boss Lady in the First-class Lounge

Christa Bösch and Cosima Gadient continued to explore the notion of what comes after sleepless nights on the dance floor for a woman who has bigger fish to fry in her life with the latest Ottolinger collection.

The duo proposed a wealth of deconstructed traditional suitings and dresses, as well as body-hugging knits. They also believed their faux-fur-clad and tweed-embedded items, when mixed as intended, make “good airport looks.”

“She is a boss lady who goes to the first-class lounge, that’s why we have very relaxed pants with shirts and ties. We wanted to challenge the concept of being in charge and deconstruct it, and to find that balance of how you can evolve [the brand] into something subtle and elegant,” they added.

As cleverly reimagined tailoring took center stage, the brand scaled back its love for bold prints to just a handful of looks, including a capsule with the Switzerland-based internet provider Swisscom’s fashion line 079, named after the area code of the neutral state, where the duo originated.

A few models carried logo shopping bags down the runway. The duo said it was a commentary on the show’s location on Boulevard Haussmann opposite Galeries Lafayette, as well as a satirical take on how big brands have been dishing out luxury price point bags in the shape of shopping bags for cash grabs.

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