PA Rep Badgers Buttigieg Over 'Elites' With Expensive EV Cars

During a House hearing yesterday, Republican insurrectionist and “Freedom” Caucus chair Scott Perry (who refused to testify before the Jan. 6th committee) started ranting about subsidizing electric vehicles for “coastal elites,” and demanded Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg explain it.

“I don’t know if you can justify, or how you justify, forcing my constituents to pay for EVs and EV infrastructure for coastal elites and wealthy people, but somehow you do,” he said.

“Wealthy people were specifically excluded from the Inflation Reduction Act,” Buttigieg said.

Perrry responded that it doesn’t matter because “the people I represent can’t afford them today, sir.” (I see a lot of Priuses in my working class Philly neighborhood, but maybe they’re millionaires?)

Buttigieg asked why Perry was opposed to cutting the cost of EVs. Perry said, “The market should do it.” Because as we all know, the federal government never subsidizes industry!

“If you were of the view that there should be no subsidies to propulsion vehicles, then are you opposed to oil and gas subsidies?” Buttigieg asked.

Ha, ha! We already know the answer to that one! He’s a REPUBLICAN.

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