Pastor Describes Sexual Assaulter Trump As Having Perfect Qualities For President

Trump supporter Pastor Robert Jeffress told Fox News’ Harris Faulkner that traitor Trump is a perfect presidential candidate.

“There is a small sliver of evangelical voters who say things like, ‘well I like Trump’s policies, but I just don’t like his personality,” Jeffress said. “While I think Trump answered that well a few weeks ago when he said his personality got those policies enacted.”

“And yes, he can be brash, outspoken, combative and that’s not a quality you want for a pastor,” Jeffress continued. ” They are perfect qualities for a president who wants to get things done.”

This is why America is turning away from phony right wing religious leaders who praise a person like diminished Don.

Trump is a serial liar, wife cheater, convicted sexual harasser and assaulter, and tax cheat among other things.

We won’t even mention the massive amount of indictments he’s facing in a multitude of states, including trying to overthrow the government he sword to protect.

Are these the qualities that make any person a perfect candidate?

Jeffress is a hack, liar and an affront to any religious person who takes their faith seriously.

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