Pennsylvania’s Hidden Charms: Discover 9 Small Towns in Pennsylvania

Located among Pennsylvania’s rolling hills and picturesque landscapes are a collection of delightful small towns, each with its own unique character and treasures waiting to be discovered. These small towns in Pennsylvania offer more than just a place to call home; they provide a glimpse into the heart of the Keystone State’s culture and history. In this article, we’ll embark on a journey through Pennsylvania’s hidden gems, delving into the stories, attractions, and experiences that make these small towns truly exceptional.

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1. Camp Hill, PA

Median sale price: $330,000 

Walk Score: 78

Camp Hill is a town where comfort and community seamlessly come together. Its tree-lined streets and charming neighborhoods create an inviting atmosphere for all. Local parks provide a space to gather and play, while independent boutiques and eateries contribute to the town’s vibrant downtown area.

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2. Wellsboro, PA

Median sale price: $167,450 

Walk Score: 69

Wellsboro’s charm is woven into its historic downtown and the natural beauty that surrounds it. The town is known for the iconic gas street lights that illuminate its streets making it a must-see area at night. Nearby, the stunning Pine Creek Gorge, also known as the “Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania,” offers breathtaking views and hiking trails. 

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3. Throop, PA

Median sale price: $261,500 

Walk Score: 29

This town’s serene environment is perfect for those seeking a slower pace of life, with local parks and green spaces providing opportunities for relaxation. Throop’s tight-knit community fosters a sense of togetherness, where neighbors become friends and shared experiences create lasting memories.

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4. Paxtonia, PA

Median sale price: $267,500 

Walk Score: 60

Paxtonia strikes a harmonious balance between modern amenities and suburban charm. The town’s quiet streets and welcoming neighborhoods offer a friendly setting, while nearby shopping centers and eateries provide convenience.

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5. Towanda, PA

Median sale price: $141,375 

Walk Score: 63

Towanda serves as a gateway to the scenic beauty of rural Pennsylvania, offering a picturesque setting that embraces the surrounding countryside. The town’s historic downtown is adorned with timeless architecture and local shops, while nearby rivers and forests provide opportunities for outdoor adventures such as fishing and hiking. 

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6. Paxtang, PA

Median sale price: $320,000 

Walk Score: 74

Paxtang’s historic charm is complemented by its modern conveniences, creating a perfect blend of old and new. One unique feature is the Paxtang Cemetery, established in 1774, which reflects the town’s historical significance. The annual Paxtang Art Association’s Summer Arts and Crafts Festival draws locals and visitors to enjoy creative works and celebrate artistic expression. Interesting fact: Paxtang was once part of William Penn’s original land grant and played a role in the American Revolution,

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7. Old Forge, PA

Median sale price: $189,550 

Walk Score: 79

This small town in Pennsylvania is known as the “Pizza Capital of the World,” a title that speaks to the town’s strong culinary traditions. The town’s annual “Old Forge Pizza Crawl” is an exciting event where people can sample different styles of this iconic dish from various restaurants. Beyond its delicious offerings, Old Forge boasts pleasant streets lined with local businesses and family-owned shops. 

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8. Lawnton, PA

Median sale price: $315,101 

Walk Score: 51

Lawnton offers the best of both worlds: the tranquility of a small town and the convenience of nearby urban amenities. The town’s parks and green spaces provide opportunities for relaxation and outdoor activities, while its location near the state capital offers access to cultural attractions and entertainment options.

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9. Enola, PA

Median sale price: $255,000 

Walk Score: 45

Enola’s closeness to the Susquehanna River offers a backdrop of natural beauty and recreational opportunities like boating, fishing, and hiking. The town’s riverfront parks provide spaces for picnics, kayaking, and scenic walks. Enola’s local businesses and eateries contribute to its welcoming atmosphere, creating a sense of community that thrives along the riverbanks.

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Wrapping up small towns in Pennsylvania

These small towns in Pennsylvania provide more than just houses; they offer a way of life that celebrates the essence of Pennsylvania’s culture and values. In their warm embrace, residents find not just houses, but homes, and not just neighbors, but lifelong friends.

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