Pepe price up 7% in a week, new memecoin poised to pump

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As Pepe captures market attention with a 7% weekly rise amid rumors of a Coinbase listing, Dogeverse excites investors by raising over $2.7 million in the first four days of its presale.

The meme coin market is regaining momentum this week, and Pepe is one of the top performers, up 7%. However, the emerging Dogeverse presale is captivating investors as it surges past $2.7 million in its opening four days.

Coinbase international listing bolsters Pepe price

Pepe’s price is in turmoil at the moment as rumors circulate that a Coinbase spot listing will occur imminently. The rumors occurred as Coinbase announced its off-shore arm, Coinbase International Exchange, will list Pepe for perpetual futures trading starting 18 April.

The leading crypto exchange announced the move in a X post on Thursday, with the tweet immediately garnering attention. It currently boasts 128K views and 1.1K likes. Excitement is brewing as market participants speculate the listing may foreshadow a Pepe spot launch on Coinbase.

Prominent market commentator Borovik.sol weighed in on the affair, tweeting, “Did Coinbase just list Pepe?” The top reply came from NFT Kid “Keith Berry,” who said it “looks like so.”

Meanwhile, analyst and Pepe proponent Plazma speculated that a Pepe spot listing may occur on Coinbase’s IPO anniversary (April 14) or industry-recognized “Doge Day,” which occurs on 20 April.

In another tweet, Plazma displayed confidence that Pepe will be listed on Coinbase, exclaiming that he has “never been this comfy.” Similarly, Max Schwartzman, a prominent analyst who predicted Pepe’s meteoric 2024 rise, praised Coinbase’s Pepe listing: “This cycle will be dominated by meme coins (it already has been).”

He continued, “The people have cast their vote, and they side with community-run projects that aren’t infested with VCs looking to prey on retail. Pepe is King, and his rising tide shall lift all ships.”

However, with the spot listing unconfirmed, bulls and bears have locked horns, attempting to sway the price.

Currently, Pepe is trading at $0.00000717, down 0.5% today but up 7% this week. The price exploded from $0.000068 to $0.000014 after the announcement but subsequently retraced.

Yet the post-announcement spike reflects the market’s unwavering interest in the ongoing meme coin saga. This hints that Pepe’s price will surge, should Coinbase list it for spot trading. 

But another project causing a stir is Dogeverse, a new multichain ICO that has raised over $2.7 million in its opening four days.

Trending Dogeverse presale raises $2.8m

Ushering in the next generation of memetic capabilities, Dogeverse is a multichain meme coin launching on the industry’s six biggest smart contract-enabled blockchains. Its venture begins on Ethereum, Polygon, and BSC but is expected to expand to Base, Solana, and Avalanche.

This multichain approach has garnered notoriety, with its presale soaring past $2.7 million in four days. Adding to the excitement, analysts are considerably bullish on the latest meme coin enigma, with the 99Bitcoins YouTube channel recently predicting it holds 100x potential.

Moreover, the project’s team is avidly rewarding its community through a generous staking model. Currently, holders can earn a 366% APY by depositing their tokens in the staking dashboard, but this will decrease as more tokens are staked. 

Investors can buy DOGEVERSE at presale for $0.000293, but this price will increase as the event advances. The next uptick is expected to occur in one day or when the total raise hits $3.4 million.

To learn more, visit the Dogeverse presale website.

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