PEPE rises ahead of Coinbase listing as Slothana prepares for IEO

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PEPE sees a price surge ahead of its upcoming Coinbase listing, while Slothana builds momentum in its presale, setting the stage for its debut on major exchanges.

Pepe’s price has exploded 8.7% today as its Coinbase perpetual futures listing encroaches. Meanwhile, the new meme coin Slothana is also gaining pace in its presale as it nears an exchange listing.

Pepe soars amid Coinbase listing 

As the crypto market recovers, investors are ramping up their risk tolerances and venturing into the enigmatic world of meme coins. Exchanges are taking note, with industry leader Coinbase gearing to list Pepe for futures trading.

The listing will occur on its Coinbase International Exchange, which serves institutional players outside the United States. Coinbase International Exchange made the announcement on 11 April and said the listing will take place on 18 April. 

However, on the launch day, the exchange updated users and explained that the listing would be delayed, citing technical difficulties. There has yet to be any further developments, but Pepe’s recent spurt in trading activity suggests the listing could occur shortly.

The broader crypto market has seen a solid recovery recently, with the industry’s total market cap up 1% and Bitcoin recently reclaiming $65K. However, Pepe has outpaced other assets, up 8.7% today and 23% this week.

Pepe 24-hour trading volume has also seen a dramatic surge, up 39% today, currently at $864 million. This places it in the 12th highest spot among all cryptocurrencies by volume, while its market cap places it in the 45th highest spot.

Analysts have weighed in amid the recent recovery, predicting a higher time frame upswing for the project. Davie Satoshi recently said there are “a few more resistance levels to break before PEPE moons!”

The analyst noted that “old resistance levels will become new support levels” and that Pepe will undergo an explosive uptick once it breaks $0.0000075.

PEPE rises ahead of Coinbase listing as Slothana prepares for IEO - 2

Adding to the excitement, rumors are circulating that the delayed Pepe Coinbase listing date may be due to an accompanying spot listing on its main exchange, accessible in the US and internationally for retail investors.

“I think Coinbase delayed the Pepe perpetual futures listing because they can do it together with the spot listing. That way, institutions can easily hedge their futures positions with their spot position,” wrote prominent commentator Plazma on X. The prediction garnered significant attention, with over 300 likes on the tweet so far.

Similarly, the trending meme coin Slothana is looking ahead to exchange launches after monumental presale results.

Solana presale raises $10m

Slothana is the latest Solana-based presale sensation, following in the footsteps of ecosystem giant Book of Meme. BOME underwent a high-octane presale campaign, raising $2 million before the exchange launch. It became the fastest-ever meme coin to a $1 billion market cap after a near-instant listing on Binance.

However, the new presale Slothana has already overshadowed BOME, raising over $10 million in its opening two weeks of presale. Given BOME’s results with just $2 million raised, this sets a considerably bullish precedent for the new sloth-themed meme coin. 

Not only does it indicate investors favor the SLOTH, but it also hints that top exchanges may be interested. Moreover, there are talks that the Smog team is behind Slothana. After launching in February, Smog peaked at a $270 million market cap, netting early investors over a 100X ROI.

Beady-eyed traders spotted a connection between the two projects, with Smog commenting on Slothana’s first-ever X post when it had less than 50 followers. The tweet indicates the teams are at least connected on some level, but it could mean the same group is behind both.

With just seven days until its exchange listing, investors currently face their last chance to buy SLOTH at presale.

To learn more, visit the Slothana presale.

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