Peugeot 3008

Visually, the 3008 and e-3008 are as good as identical. The only changes other than that ‘E’ badge in front of the 3008 on the bootlid are that the wheel arches are slightly less flared on the hybrid, and they don’t get a gloss finish either. Full geek points if you also spot that the tyres are 10mm narrower, too. 

Other than that, the two share all major dimensions; at 4542mm long and 1895mm wide the 3008 sits in the heart of the still booming C-SUV segment and goes up against the likes of the Nissan Qashqai and Hyundai Tucson. 

The two cars share the same sheet metal, design and dimensions, but underneath there are changes to the new Peugeot’s STLA Medium architecture (something that will be rolled out across every Stellantis brand’s mid-size models), not least as the hybrid version does without the hunking great 98kWh battery pack that the e-3008 is able to accommodate.

The crash structures are the same, and it’s the need to carry these beefed-up safety requirements for crash protection of the battery that explain part of the 3008’s added 100kg-plus heft over many of its rivals. 

The front suspension is largely the same, though the hybrid has a beam axle at the rear instead of the EV’s multi-link. The commonality is such that the two cars will run down the same production line in Sochaux, France, and launch at the same time (UK orders now, deliveries in April), before being joined by a third powertrain option – a plug-in hybrid – later this year. 

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