Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini Fall 2024 Ready-to-Wear: Shape of a Lady

The collection Lorenzo Serafini conjured for fall 2024 coherently built on the direction the designer has been plying of late, one that balances graphic and immediate silhouettes, comfortable stretchy fabrics and a generous dose of confidence — the kind reachable only when feeling good in one’s own skin. 

Sophistication and wearability are threads that Serafini braided even tighter for fall, for which he embraced an Alfred Hitchcock-inspired flair for studying the feminine shape. In sync with the reference, the designer sought to rework ’50s silhouettes for current times, opting for fabrications more attuned with women’s demands today.

Hence cocooning jackets and coats had polished sartorial textures printed on neoprene for an appealing optical illusion, which was reprised also via sartorial patterns appearing on extra-thin jersey to inject dynamism and a sense of ease into corolla dresses and ladylike sets.

Shiny surfaces and plush textures added to the tactile effects, while draping was charmingly elevated by pearly pins that punctuated the easy-to-approach looks. 

As the lineup progressed, the palette of autumnal tones left room for duchesse separates in striking combinations of baby pink, acid green and yellow hues. 

The unexpected turn eventually divided the lineup in two halves. Is the latter teasing an upbeat sequel to the story of understated elegance Serafini has directed recently? Only time will tell. 

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